Virtual Assistant's desk


We offer our services on an hourly basis and via a monthly retainer, detailed below.  If you opt for the retainer option, your work is prioritised and you can purchase additional hours if needed.

As a new client, we offer a complimentary discovery call so that we may understand your requirements and offer you the best solution for your business and budget.

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Standard VA Fees

Standard VA level charges
(as per our Services page)

10 hours - 350
15 hours - 520
20 hours - 690
25 hours - 855
30 hours - 1020
35 hours - 1180
40 hours - 1340

(higher hourly retainers and day rates can also be provided - please contact us)

Specialist VA Fees

Specialist VA level charges
(as per our Services page)
(inc. Social Media and Digital Marketing)

10 hours - 400
15 hours - 595
20 hours - 790
25 hours - 980
30 hours - 1170
35 hours - 1355
40 hours - 1540

(higher hourly retainers and day rates can also be provided - please contact us)

All fees stated are in GBP.

Retainer Packages

Retainers reserve our time on a weekly/monthly basis.  Client's benefit from having their work prioritised and an agreed working pattern can be put in place.  Book over 10 hours per month and you will also benefit from a discounted rate.  Packages are billed in advance monthly and clients are required to give 30 days notice to terminate.  Please note, we do not allow carry-over of hours.

Ad-hoc hours

We are not currently accepting any further ad-hoc hour clients (retainers only).

Other Services

Social Media Management Packages /
Digital Marketing

Charges for social media. management packages and digital marketing activies

Bespoke (contact us)

Tech/Automation/CRM set-up

Charges for tech review, automation project and CRM set-up

Bespoke (contact us)


We are able to work with international clients (dependent on the time commitment needed and time zone).  Please, in the first instance, contact us by email with details of the support you need so that we may discuss it.  Please note that for international clients, payment is via international bank transfer (any fees to be covered by the client) or via TransferWise or Stripe (with all foreign exchange fees payable by the client).